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Active Ingredient: Cetirizine

All you need to know about Zyrtec

We will know about this drug called Zyrtec, but do you know that Zyrtec is also known and is most famous as the name Cetirizine. Not most of the people know that Cetirizine is also known as Zyrtec, as it is widely sold for this name only.

Ingredients Zyrtec

There are a bunch of ingredients that are present in the Zyrtec drug. We will know about every element present in this drug.

  • Cetirizine Hydrochloride- This drug contains 5mg of cetirizine hydrochloride for instant relief, basically this ingredient is used to relieve allergy, and it’s symptoms.
  • Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride- The next ingredient of Zyrtec drug is this, and it’s used for the problem faced by congestion in your noes.
  • Colloidal Silicon Dioxide- This ingredient placed in Zyrtec drug helps our body to easily absorb the medicine and also helps in a free flow of the tablet in the body.
  • Croscarmellose Sodium- This is also an ingredient of the drug Zyrtec,, this ingredient is used as a super disintegrant in this tablet.
  • Hypromellose- This is the next inactive ingredient of Zyrtec drug. This ingredient is used to relieve eye dryness or soreness.
  • Lactose Monohydrate- The next ingredient of Zyrtec drug is lactose monohydrate. It’s used as diluent powder, we can say that the outer part of the table is made of it.
  • Magnesium Stearate- This ingredient is a quite important one because, without this ingredient, you would not be able to swallow this tablet. This ingredient works as a lubricant in this Zyrtec drug.
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose- This ingredient you will find in vitamin supplements too. It’s a type of vitamin supplement.

What is Zyrtec used for?

There are many different and essential uses of Zyrtec drug, some of those uses are-

  • Treating Cold- Yes, it helps you in treating cold, if you are facing cold from some time and are unable to get rid of that then you should try Zyrtec tablet for sure.
  • Sneezing- Sneezing sounds to be a simple issue, but if you are sneezing to a greater extent and needs a proper solution to your sneezing problem, then Zyrtec can help you in that.
  • Itching- The next use of Zyrtec is that it helps you in getting rid of itching,
  • Watery Eyes- This problem is so common these days, because people are facing allergy problem from many different things, and watery eyes are the most disgusting symptom of allergy. No worries, you can get rid of watery eyes with the help of Zyrtec drug.
  • Runny Noes- I feel so bad when my nose is running because managing meetings with a runny nose does not put a good effect. So for getting rid of this problem, Zyrtec tablets are the best solution.
  • Swelling- If you have a swelling on any part of your body, then you can get rid of those problems with the help of Zyrtec drug quickly.

Zyrtec Allergy Medicine

Zyrtec drug is used for many different reasons, but using this medicine for allergic problems is the most seen thing. You will notice that whenever there is an allergic problem to someone, he/she is suggested to have a Zyrtec tablet or cetirizine tablet.
Some of the various allergic issues that you can get rid of quickly, you can relieve the worst allergy symptoms easily with the help of this medicine.

  • Runny Noes
  • Sneezing
  • Itchy
  • Watery eyes
  • Itching in noes
  • Throat issues

But this medicine does not suit everybody; some people are allergic to this medicine too. So for those who are having an allergy problem with this medicine, they should never use this medicine under any circumstances. Taking this medicine if it’s allergic to you can cause some serious issues inside your body. So precaution is the best thing.

How does Zyrtec Works?

Here is the real question of how does Zyrtec works? So let me tell you about it’s working thoroughly. It is an antihistamine that directly works on different receptors inside our body. The basic working of this medicine is that it works or block the passage of histamine chemicals in different chords, which leads to various allergic problems. 
With the help of this blockage, you can get rid of symptoms such as sneezing, itching, watery eyes, and runny noes. Not only that, you can get relief from problems such as allergic symptoms of insect bites and many other allergic skin problems.

The Dosage of Zyrtec Drug

As everybody’s body does not react the same way, the same is the case, the dosage of this Zyrtec drug is different for everyone.

The general dosage of this medicine for adults and children of six years and above is one Zyrtec tablet of 10mg power one time a day daily. It’s is prohibited from taking more than one 10mg power tablet of Zyrtec drug.

A 10mg tablet should only be used when you are facing some huge problem and want to get rid of your problem such as allergy problem and many such within a short interval of time.

There is another variant of this medicine too in the market, and that is a 5mg Zyrtec tablet. It is of less power than a 10mg tablet. You can use this medicine when you are facing a little problem, and this would be enough for getting rid of small issues, you will get rid of the small problem quickly within a short interval of time.

But if you are using a 5mg tablet for some higher issues then you would not be able to get relevant results, in that case, it is suggested to have a 10mg Zyrtec tablet. You can have 5mg tablet twice in a day, which means one in the morning and one in the evening.

Zyrtec for different age groups

As I told above that different bodies react in different ways for medicine, so with this, we will discuss how different bodies of varying age groups are going to react and what type of dosage we should give them.

1. Zyrtec for babies- if your baby is facing any problems such as the runny nose, sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, itching on noes and throat, then Zyrtec can help in getting rid of these problems. There is a particular version, of Zyrtec medicine for babies, and it contains cetirizine hydrochloride 5mg.

This medicine for babies comes in a syrup form, as babies cannot swallow tablets. One should always give this medicine to a baby with the help of a dosing cup that is provided with the syrup bottle. It is prohibited to use any other dosing device.

Asking a doctor about this medicine, that whether to give it to your baby or not is essential. The dosage for children in between 2 years and six years is, 2.5ml once in a day daily. If your baby is unable to get rid of the problem, then you can give 5ml in a day and that too in two different doses, like 2.5ml in the morning and 2.5ml after 12 hours.

Does not give more than 5ml in 24 hours to your baby under any situation. If your baby is still unable to get recover, then you should go to the doctor and have a complete checkup.

2. Zyrtec for Kids- Now it’s time for those who are under kids category which means who are older than six years. There comes a childer’s Zyrtec allergy syrup for kids. This syrup should be used for getting relieved from various symptoms of allergy, which mostly arises due to hay fever.

You must have noticed many kids are facing respiratory problems these days, and they are facing this problem because of various allergies, if your kid is facing such issues too, then Children’s Zyrtec Allergy syrup would be the best medicine for them in this case.

3. Zyrtec for Adults- Let us talk about the next age group, and that is adults. In the case of adults, you can use Zyrtec tablets as they are quite more potent than any syrup and would effect in a better way for adults if any adult is facing problems such as the runny nose, sneezing, itchiness, watery eyes, itching on noes, throat problems, swelling and many more. Then these Zyrtec tablets can help you a lot in getting rid of these problems.

Adults can have a 10mg tablet of Zyrtec once in a day, and they can even use the 5mg tablet if they want to make dosage of twice a day.

Zyrtec Side effects

With many good results, Zyrtec drug has some side effects too, so let us talk about those side effects.

  • Drowsiness- The first side effect of having a Zyrtec medicine for any age group is that they feel sleepy most of the time after the intake of the drug. You will notice sluggish behavior even if you have slept a lot in the night.
  • Fatigue- The other side effect of Zyrtec medicine is fatigue, which means you would not have any will to do anything and feel like you have no power left inside your body.
  • Tired Feeling- You will feel tired every time, at least for 24 hours after taking this Zyrtec medicine.
  • Dizziness- You will face a hard dizziness feeling, you will feel everything is spinning, and you would feel to fall.
  • Dry Mouth- You will feel like having a dry mouth every time, and you will feel like drinking water within every short interval of time.
  • Sore Throat- This problem is the worst as you would not be able to drink or eat anything while facing this problem. The ingredients of which the medicine gets made sometimes creates this soreness effect.
  • Cough- The following side effect is cough; you will start coughing after the intake of this medicine.
  • Nausea- Sometimes, nausea noticed in the person who has taken this medicine because of any problem.
  • Headache- You will feel so sleepy, but if you try not to sleep, then you will start having a severe headache, which is going to disturb you a lot.
  • Constipation- Constipation also seen in some cases as side effects of Zyrtec medicine.
  • Stomach pain- This side effect is mostly seen in children’s, not adult faces this problem from Zyrtec medicine.
  • Vomiting- This problem is also seen in children’s, as sometimes when the dosage of medicine is higher at that time vomiting happens.

Zyrtec Overdose

Let us discuss that what happens if you have taken Zyrtec medicine in higher dosage?

  • You should go for a checkup to your doctor as overdose of this medicine can be highly dangerous.
  • If you have taken an overdose of this medicine, then the symptoms you will face are trouble breathing. In this case, you should vomit out the drug you took and should go to your doctor as soon as possible.
  • Children’s would be able to face mental problems and some severe mood changes in themselves if there’s an overdose of this medicine given to them. For children, it would be highly dangerous as they can’t bear problems from an overdose of this medicine.
  • Sometimes the case is not of overdose, but in some cases, people try to use Zyrtec tablets, instead of any other medicine prescribed by the doctor. One should always take care that every drug is not the same.

Zyrtec Price

Now let’s talk about the price of Zyrtec medication.

  • Before you buy this medicine at a local pharmacy, it is important that you always have a doctor’s prescription to buy this medicine. Otherwise, you will not be given this medicine.
  • The price range at a local pharmacy on Zyrtec ranges from $ 3.23 to $ 18.30, depending on the Zyrtec purchase option.